Christina (cheriphin) wrote,

Rant on Job Searches


            Isn’t the job search one of the oddest set up things? Can you be defined as a worker by your last 3 jobs? I know I sure can’t. Then especially in this area I get the question “I doesn’t seem like you stay with your jobs long?” Ok Mama/Sir I live in a town that is dying, half the places I work either close, are seasonal, or I took in the first place just because I had to have something. I swear I think companies should do interviews where they put you doing whatever job it is you are interested in for about an hour and although they can’t expect to you to know how to do everything they could at least judge your usages or your own knowledge and time management, etc.

            Unfortunately for me some of the jobs I love the most are ones that either pay to little to support a family, Seasonal, or just really aren’t up here.

I would love to manage a decent drycleaner in the area or work with a nice retail outlet where people would understand that even though I haven’t managed retail, I have doing just about everything I possible could in one short of the paperwork. I have managed shift in a number of places but not retail.

Who knows what it is with me and jobs. I just want to find a place that can be more of a home than just a place I can’t wait to clock out of.

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