Christina (cheriphin) wrote,

Ohh Halloween

November 3, 2008


Well James is gone to traffic court in Boone. I am praying they are understanding and willing to continue the case so maybe we can get a few things taken care of and come back and do the case after Christmas if we are lucky.

            I took Kenneth to do some Trick R Treating on Halloween. We went to two churches, one in Newland and one in Montazuma, then to Banner Elk town park where they did Trunk or treat (out of peoples cars rather than going house to house. He racked up. We ran into Heather Sullivan and her little girl Carlie and her boyfriend David at the Montezuma church. Heather is looking good. She is pregnant again, makes me a bit jelous. But I am happy for her. Then I took Kenneth to his great grandma’s and his Aunt Jane was there too. They of course thought he was cute as could be and friendly with me. Then I dropped Kenneth off at Kenny’s for the night. Thank God for grandparents. I went out for Halloween to The Corner Bar. Man did I end up trashed. Jaime had called saying she had a bad day and wanted to go out so she met me at the bottom of the road and we headed out. James met us there after he got of work. Man was he surprised when he walked in and I was all dressed up. I would dress up everyday if I could always get that reaction from him. Jaime’s wonderful brother Greg bought me a few drinks and Jaime got me some and James splurged and got me two shots of Patron. Tried to give greg some money at the end of the night but he wouldn’t let me. Oh hell did all the inhabitions drain away. It doesn’t help that I was dressed as a dominatrix haha, I brought my whip with me and everything. James actually only had 1 drink so he could take care of me. Jaime brought a friend, Brooke, from Boone so I finally got to meet her. I have a bunch of pics to post on Myspace. Marion (greg’s girlfriend) was hot as it gets in her camo gear. We also saw Amber Yates and Dustin. She was dressed as Alice in Wonderland and had him some Bunny stuff so he could be her white rabbit. It was great. I danced like a crazy person and bounced around like I was 18 again. I paid for it the next day though. We ended up taking the chef from James work (Matt) home and when I got out of our car and got into the Kia to run it home, I heard something pop. I think I may have twisted my back up worse. I am still having trouble feeling my toes and such. We have a Dr’s appt on Thursday so I am kinda waiting for that but if I still hurt tomorrow I may break down and go to the hospital. I ended up missing Jaime’s “passion party” because of it though and that sucks. But like she said, there will be more!

I should be able to get to Boone and post these this afternoon. Kenneth gets out of school early so I am going to pick him up then head to the library and hopefully meet James after his court case. I am going to look into getting a job in boone, we just can’t survive on this craziness with Pete’s.

I am sorry I haven’t had the chance to return calls to a lot of you, The minutes are flying through and since rent is due again, I can’t buy any more minutes. So I am texting instead of calling. Especially you Heidy. I am so sorry I haven’t called, Hopefully next week will be better and I can call. Feel free to text though.

Love ya all!

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