Christina (cheriphin) wrote,

Writing on Darkness

Wednesday October 29 12:42am


            Darkness has a quality about it that most people never touch. You find it described over and over in books, movies, even children’s tales to each other under bed covers late at night. Inky Black Darkness, Velvet Deep Darkness, Impenetrable Darkness, a million descriptions all that circle the same small entity. But Darkness is not made by its color, depth or feeling, its made by its very vibrations. Fears creeps up your backbone more intensely when aided by the dark. Evil thoughts seem more easily attainable when a dark mist swirls around them, and monsters seem possible when shadows add the one simple fear we all have, We’re all afraid of the dark. But only the foolish clam that they are not afraid of the dark. As a entity, in and of itself, it is made of the most horrendous life altering substance possible, “without“. For that is what it truly is, without light. Hell is described as a place without god. Depression a life without happiness. So isn’t Darkness the worst of all those, for without light aren’t all the other “without” attainable. Would most of the things we fear not be easily vanquish if we but had a sunny day to look upon them with. If we could but shine a spotlight on every would be criminal, every monster in the closet, every doubt and fear, could we not see a reality without fear.

            But what happens when the things of the dark come into the light. What happens when our fears are beautiful and we fear them no longer. Does that make us any safer?


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