Christina (cheriphin) wrote,

Day one

October 20, 2008 10:54 AM

            Getting ready to head into work for a while. I told lisa I would come in and help get the restaurant re-set up to open tomorrow. They are bringing a lot of stuff from the other restaurant and changing the menu and rearranging everything. I was gonna go for most of the day but James and I really need to get to the library before they close. at 7, so I am going to tell her I need to leave about 4:30 so James and I can make it to the bank to cash our check and get to boone by about 5:30. I am sure she will be pissy about it, they are pissy about everything but thats my plan atleast. I am really clueless as to how our checks will be this week so I am not sure how much splurging I can do but I want us to hit the dollar store and wal-mart while in boone and then head for a bite of dinner. I am going to try to call Jaime and see what time her classes are so maybe she can meet us for dinner and tell me about her weekend. I am also thinking we can pick up a few applications while we are there. .

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