Christina (cheriphin) wrote,

End of the Weekend

October 19, 2008   10:02 pm


            It has been a very long and intense weekend. I was supposed to work yesterday morning and then leave at 11 and come back at 5. We were so slammed and 2 waitresses did not show up so I ended up working lunch also. We got so slammed that we used every bit of the ribs, turkey and brisket and when 3pm rolled around every single table in the restaurant was dirty. So despite the fact that this was Wolly worm weekend and they lost a lot of money, they decided to close that night. So I stayed with the dishwasher Trisha and we cleaned the whole restaurant. I left about 8pm and Trisha and I went to James' restaurant on Beech and had dinner and a few drinks. Damn did I need it. I spent way too much money for a little dinner but I really needed it.

            Kenneth went to Linville Caverns on Friday and seems like he had a great time. He of course forgot to get the postcards and instead he bought a big plastic sword. I guess I shouldn't be too mad but I was really hoping for a few cards. Ahh but him being happy is the most important thing. His Fall Festival is this coming Saturday, I asked for off work but I don't think James can get off work. So I am hoping that Jaime can maybe come up and go with me but we will see. She came by today and I missed her. I left about 3 to go get Kenneth from James' mom and she must have come by around 4. It seems like this keeps happening. Sunday is the one day I always have off but because of that it is also the day that we do a lot of running too

            I can't believe that my 29th birthday is in a week. It sucks. We need to remember to get James' dad Kenny a card too, his is 2 days after mine. Also Rocky's is in a few days. His is on the 22nd. October is a busy month all around. Kenneth has a lot of days off and stuff in the next few weeks, so I am going to have to make lots of adjustments in my schedule. But seeing as the whole restaurant that I work at is changing and reopening on Tuesday, I have no idea what I will be working next week or even what the restaurant will really be like. It just gives me so many reasons to look for another job. I am sick of the ups and downs of working for them.

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